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Pittsburgh Bike Share would like to thank Hillman Foundation, Heinz Endowments, Richard King Mellon Foundation, Colcom Foundation, The Buhl Foundation, and other anonymous donors for their generous support.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Cohen & Grigsby for their dedicated assistance and ongoing support.

Special thanks is also reserved for the City of Pittsburgh, Bike PGH, and Bakery Square/Walnut Capital.


Bike sharing is an innovative form of public transportation that provides residents, students, and tourists access to a fleet of bicycles for point-to-point trips. Any of the 500 bicycles can be picked up, ridden, and returned to the 50 self-service stations located throughout the City.

bike sharing bike rentals
Typical ride Short point-to-point trips, typically not exceeding 30 minutes. Longer recreational rides, usually exceeding an hour.
Operating hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Typically open only during daylight hours.
Pick up & return Bikes may be picked up and returned at any of the self-service stations located throughout the city. Bikes must be picked-up and returned at the shop.
Equipment Bikes are durable, sturdy, stable, and comfortable to ride. They have one-size-fits-all step-through frames and adjustable seats designed to fit adults in a range of heights. Helmets and other equipment are not provided. Bikes typically come in a range of sizes and usage types. Helmets and maps are often provided by operators.
Age requirement Users must be 16 years of age or older. Rentals to minors and children are often permitted under the direct supervision of an adult or guardian.
Customer service Stations are fully self-service and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during operating months. A customer care call center provides additional service to users who have questions, need assistance, or want to report a damaged or stolen bicycle. Stations are typically staffed during operating hours. Staff may provide guided tours, recommend routes, or provide guidance of local area attractions, discounts, and events.

Safe, fun, and easy to ride! They have step-thru frames, multiple gears, front and rear lights, and a front rack for caring groceries, a computer, or the family hedgehog (hedgehog harness required). The bikes have front and rear fenders that will keep you clean and riding in style. And the 8-speed internally-geared hubs will flatten any hill you encounter!

The bikes are designed for comfortable use by people in a wide range of heights by simply adjusting the seat up or down. To adjust the seat height, open the quick-release lever where the seatpost meets the frame. Raise or lower the seat to the desired height. Don’t forget to check the number on the side so you know your ideal position for future rides! Close the quick-release lever and off you go.

Passes will be available for purchase with a credit or debit card from kiosks located at each bicycle station, online, and through a mobile application. You must be at least 16 years old to purchase a pass.

The price of passes will be announced in the coming weeks. Sign up to receive alerts.

The initial 50 stations will be located throughout the Downtown, Strip District, Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Shady Side, and Oakland neighborhoods, as well as Allegheny-West to the north and Southside Flats to the south. View Map

The installation of stations will begin in the winter with a launch currently scheduled for the spring of 2015.

The bikes will be available to for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during the winter months. The system may also be temporarily closed in the event of severe weather.

Riders are strongly encouraged to wear helmets whenever they ride, but helmets are not required.

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+ Director of Operations

The Director of Operations plays a critical role in recruiting and managing staff; developing operational policies, procedures, and safety practices; acquiring and maintaining the physical assets of the program; analyzing data to improve operational efficiency and directing field operations; planning for system expansion; and fostering a positive work environment that enables organizational excellence. Learn more.

+ Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

The Director of Marketing and Community Outreach will lead our marketing, educational, and outreach efforts. Responsibilities include building awareness of the program, developing strategic partnerships, engaging the community through events and social media, developing strategies to increase ridership, and identifying and cultivating opportunities to increase funding. Learn more.

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Pittsburgh Bike Share is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission of enhancing the quality of urban life and the health and well-being of residents, students, and visitors by providing a safe, reliable, and affordable active transportation in the City of Pittsburgh.