Pittsburgh looks forward to launching a bike share system in 2014!


Bike share is a system of bicycles available for short-term use by annual or short-term (24 hr) members. The bikes are used for “point-to-point” trips and can lock into any of the 50 solar-powered stations planned throughout the City of Pittsburgh. The 500 bikes are designed to be sturdy, vandal-proof and with safety in mind. 

The system is intended to enhance mobility within the city, promote tourism and provide a fun and healthy way to visit the city's diverse and exciting neighborhoods. Citywide systems have proven to be extremely successful in Washington, DC, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis and elsewhere.

The Pittsburgh Bike Share Partnership (PBSP) is an alliance of the City of Pittsburgh, Bike Pittsburgh and Walnut Capital, dedicated to bringing this innovative transportation system to the Steel City. Read more.

Check out Streetfilms latest video on why bike share is helping to improve mobility for cities throughout the world